Binary Relations in Educational Ontologies

TitleBinary Relations in Educational Ontologies
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSeremeti, L, Aggelopoulou, N, Pierrakeas, C, Kameas, A
Conference Name7th Balcan Conference in Informatics, 2-4 September
Date Published09/2015
Conference LocationCraiova, Romania

The Hellenic Open University’s mission is to provide distance education at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, developing and implementing appropriate educational materials and teaching methods. For this purpose, educational ontologies are constructed, which are classified into anthologies of Learning Outcomes (LO), Learning Objects (LOb) and Cognitive  Domains (CoD). In contrast to the conceptualization and implementation of LO and LOb ontologies, based on standards available in the literature, the CoD ontologies involve subjectivity derived from the analysis of basic concepts of each CoD and relational expressions that experts use in order to associate these  basic concepts. This subjectivity can create inconsistent ontologies. The aim of this paper is to establish a minimum set of binary relations to be used in the official representation of CoD. These relations are presented by experts with proposals consisting of triples (subject, verb, object) and classified into a Binary Relation (BR) ontology.